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Body For You


25 YEARS OF  Making Music
Cathleen Ireland, singer/songwriter/producer, has been collaborating with several different musicians for the past twenty-five years. Cathleen, along with 4X platinum producer, Dannyebtracks, was recently awarded Honorable Mention in the R&B category of the USA Songwriting Competition for her song Body For You. The song and the video Body For You were both Semi Finalists in the UK Songwriting Competition, another international competition, and were both given a Five Star rating. She was also a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) for her song, Love Is A Luxury. All of her nominated songs were produced by legendary Pittsburgh producer, Sean McDonald. Cathleen was previously the lead singer for Pittsburgh based bands, Friday’s Child (Awakenings EP 1998) and theFIVE6 (Last Minute Reservations 2012). Lately, Cathleen has been lending her voice out to the group Told Ya So!

On Cathleen’s upcoming project set to release top of 2021, she worked very closely with multi platinum producer Ryan M. Tedder to create a unique sound that bridges groove shaking rhythms and catchy melodies. In addition to this project, Ryan has also worked with artists like Ariana Grande, JLo, and Meghan Trainor.

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